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Creating A Statement Entryway

We believe that the essence of a beautiful life resides in the subtle happenings of everyday moments. The manner in which you engage with and organize the pieces adorning your home significantly influences your daily experiences.

Your home embodies the most treasured real estate, housing not only your family, cherished treasures, and daily routines but also extending a warm welcome to your closest friends and loved ones. And at the beginning of it all lies your entryway.

In selecting entryway furniture and decor, prioritize pieces that seamlessly blend aesthetic charm with functional utility such as our Scarpa Console. Let each item not only enhance the visual appeal but also serve a practical purpose, ensuring that every moment of coming and going is imbued with elegance, functionality, and efficiency.


When styling your entryway furniture, embrace the influence of your city's natural ambiance and the evolving seasons, infusing your decor with elements that bridge the gap between the outdoors and your indoor sanctuary, creating an organic transitional space.

We love the soft glow of a beautiful lamp, a large candle, and stacked books. You can also add seasonal charm with fresh flowers -our favorite way to refresh the ambiance effortlessly. Top it off with your favorite candle to establish the ‘scent of your home’ as soon as guests walk through the door.

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