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Introducing Wallure Home: Where Sophistication Meets Storage

This Spring, prepare to redefine your living spaces with Wallure Home, a visionary design studio and boutique bridging the gap between elegance and practicality in home furnishings. At the heart of Wallure Home lies a simple, yet profound philosophy: storage solutions should not only fulfill their purpose, but also elevate the beauty of your interiors. We sat down with Miami-based founder Alex Shamis who shared more about her vision for Wallure Home and the debut of the brand's two key pieces.

Can you tell us about your background and how you came up with the idea for Wallure Home?

I unearthed my love for design when working for my father in his hotel manufacturing business. My father taught me the intricacies of the furniture industry, including the meticulous attention to detail required to create luxury pieces. During this time, I purchased my first home in Miami and began the interior design process with the wonderful Christie Fantis at Casa By Christie. As we were renovating, I found immense passion in organizing and began searching for storage solutions. During this process, I encountered an absence of storage options that were both practical and visually stunning. This realization sparked my vision to bring function and beauty to those who appreciate refined design. 

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind Wallure Home’s debut pieces?

Wallure Home is launching with the debut of "The Bella" beauty cabinet and "The Scarpa" shoe console, which were inspired by the need for statement pieces and discreet organization in the entryway and bathroom. One of my biggest pet peeves is shoes all over the house, which led to the idea of one convenient place for shoes, hidden and not exposed for us to see.

The beauty cabinet was designed to help us organize our cosmetics and simplify our getting-ready routine. With the vast array of products many of us own today, I aimed to create a functional and stylish piece that would elevate the look of any space.

Can you share more about some of the design details and features in The Bella and The Scarpa that balance functionality and elegance?

Each piece from Wallure Home is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship, meticulously fashioned with an unwavering commitment to detail and the finest materials. The Scarpa, with its white oak wood, Calacatta quartz top, and tan Italian leather-lined drawers, offers a distinguished home for your footwear. It features adjustable shoe shelves, a drawer with a built-in power strip for charging, and a side hook for hanging your purse or umbrella. 

The Bella redefines the storage of skincare and makeup, featuring soft-closing drawers lined with the same luxurious leather, a dropdown shelf for convenience, and a built-in power strip for your hair tools. It also features drawer organizers that can be used to efficiently store your cosmetics. 

How did your experience renovating your homes in Miami and Jackson Hole influence the vision for Wallure Home?

Throughout the renovations of my two homes in Miami, Florida and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, I was able to work with entire spaces, in separate but uniquely beautiful locations. I worked with my amazing and inspiring interior designer (Christie at Casa by Christie) to bring my dreams to life. The challenges I encountered allowed me the opportunity to navigate the entire intricate process, from envisioning layouts to meticulously selecting each piece of furniture, providing firsthand insight into the importance of harmonizing functionality with style. This fueled my ambition to establish a furniture brand that mirrors this journey of transformation and refinement. During this process, I came across an absence of storage options that were both functional and beautiful, which both homes required. 

What’s next for Wallure Home, both in terms of product offerings and market expansion?

Wallure Home is working on exciting new pieces! We plan to bring you more elegant storage that doubles as décor, and we are just getting started!  With each meticulously crafted piece, we aim to instill harmony, simplicity, and beauty into people's daily lives.

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Wallure Home

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