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How to Store & Organize Your Skincare & Makeup

Simplify your beauty routine with our step-by-step guide to organizing your products for a clutter-free bathroom counter and drawers.

  1. Divide: Begin by dividing your vanity drawer into sections using dividers and organizers.
  2. Declutter: Remove all products from your drawers and discard any expired or empty items.
  3. Cleanse: Clean products using makeup-removing wipes before organizing to prevent stickiness or stains from transferring into your drawers.
  4. Categorize: Sort your products by category and packaging type for easy access and a tidy appearance.

Now, let's organize:

  1. Top Drawer: Start with your most used product categories, assigning each to a section in the top drawer until it’s filled.
  2. Down to the Second Drawer: Move on to the second drawer and organize the remaining product categories until most of your products are neatly inside the drawers.

*Tip: We like to keep products and brushes in the top drawer and tools and haircare in the second drawer.

  1. Countertop: Finally, adorn your countertop with your essential skincare and fragrance items. Consider using a perfume tray to display your favorite scents alongside your go-to skin cleanser and daily moisturizer with SPF.

If there are any products remaining that didn’t fit in the drawers, consider stylish storage pieces that also add to your decor. Opt for elegant options like a marble or brass makeup brush holder or tray, to accommodate extra products while also adding a touch of sophistication to your countertops.

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